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Save As Job

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Save As Job is very quick and handy in saving QueryTool SQL or other AtanaSuite tool functionality for re-use and scheduling purposes. Most tools within AtanaSuite have a Save As Job toolbar button like the one shown on the right.

Click the Save As Job toolbar button to bring up the Save As Job dialog. Provide a name, category and short description of the job within this dialog and then click the Save button. If you have AtanaSuite Server, the option to Save to server is provided; otherwise the job will be saved to the local job repository.

Use AtanaSuite JobTool to open the local job repository and browse previously saved jobs and runs, execute or schedule a job, view job run results, etc. Job run results are displayed in JobTool just like they would appear in the their respective tool.

Go to the Tools->QueryTool->SQL Editor Window section of the Help contents for more information on saving a job. The Main Menu section within a specific tool may also be used for accessing additional Save As Job information. The Tools->JobTool section of the Help contents covers jobs and runs in detail.

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