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Snippets Overview & Quick Start

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Snippets are user created portions of SQL or text that may be inserted into the SQL editor window within QueryTool. Two types of snippets are supported as of the release of AtanaSuite.

Snippet Types:

Expansion - type of snippet that places new text at the caret within the SQL editor window. While within a QueryTool SQL editor window, pressing the Ctrl+Alt+S shortcut keys or selecting the Edit->Snippets->Insert Snippet... menu item will display the Expansion snippet menu.

Insert Snippet Dropdown Menu

Sample Expansion Snippet After Insertion

SurroundsWith - type of snippet that places new text before and after the selected text within the SQL editor window. Select some text in the SQL editor window and then press Ctrl+Alt+W shortcut keys or select the Edit->Snippets->Surround With... menu item to display the SurroundsWith snippet menu.

Surround With Dropdown Menu

Sample SurroundsWith Snippet After Insertion

XML is used to define a snippet. In order to reference and use a snippet within AtanaSuite, these XML files should be stored in the snippets folder located within a users AppData/Local/Atanasoft/AtanaSuite product directory. A sample Expansion and SurroundsWith snippet will be provided in the example snippet.xml file within the snippets folder the first time the snippet shortcut keys or snippet menu items are used.

Snippets may contain field declarations or tokens that provide for user edit after the snippet has been inserted into the SQL editor window. These tokens will be highlighted in green and the TAB key may be used to navigate from one token to another. Press the ENTER key to exit snippet edit mode and complete the process of inserting the snippet.

More information on creating and using snippets may be found in the Tools->QueryTool->Snippets section of the Help contents.

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