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Atanasoft® released AtanaSuite® today. DashboardTool enhancements and updates are included in this release. The feature enhancement is exporting of dashboards for use with our new AtanaSuite Dashboard Viewer.

Dashboard Viewer is a Windows 32-bit/64-bit application that enables users to view, interact and print dashboards exported from AtanaSuite DashboardTool. DashboardTool users can create a dashboard, export it as a single dashboard viewer file that can be shared with coworkers using AtanaSuite Dashboard Viewer. This significantly promotes and expands the capability of sharing visualizations across the organization. Best of all, AtanaSuite Dashboard Viewer is a free download from our website.

Availability - Immediately available to existing AtanaSuite users by clicking on the Help->Check for Updates… menu item within AtanaSuite and following the instructions provided.

Tuesday December 14th, 2021
Friday August 27th, 2021
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