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Atanasoft Announces AtanaSuite Product And Website Changes

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Atanasoft® announced AtanaSuite® product and website changes today.

Complete and Advanced join Vantage Query in rounding out the latest AtanaSuite product offerings. AtanaSuite Complete, as the name implies, contains over 20 tools and helpers to help DBA's manage Teradata and Vantage databases. AtanaSuite Advanced has over 14 tools and helpers to assist Teradata, Vantage and ODBC developers and power users. Like Vantage Query, both Complete and Advanced are being offered as "Try and Buy" 6 and 12 month subscriptions through the Atanasoft online purchasing center.

In addition to the product changes, the AtanaSuite main website has been updated to reflect the new lineup and the addition of the AtanaSuite Connect website. AtanaSuite Connect is directly accessible from the AtanaSuite Start Page, enabling customers to stay current on updates, videos, tips and whatever else is happening regarding AtanaSuite and Atanasoft alike. AtanaSuite Connect may also be accessed from your browser at

Over the course of the next year and a half, Atanasoft will be retiring support, maintenance and upgrades on the legacy family of products which includes Essential, Essential Plus, Pro, Expert, Enterprise and Active Server.

Several Introductory "Special Offers" are available for AtanaSuite Complete and Advanced, so be sure to checkout for the latest on these.

Availability - Both product and website are immediately available.

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